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Post your “Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival” photos on Instagram and get a free present!

Ice sculptures shine blue during the daytime and are illuminated at night.
Children enjoy the Ice Slide and the Skating Rink. There are a lot of fun events on the stage. You can find delicious foods in the festival venue and the Lake Shikotsu spa resort area.
They will be great for Instagram!

Take a picture at the festival venue or of the Lake Shikotsu spa resort area.
10 people chosen by lot will get a special present from Chitose!
We look forward to many posts from many people!

Campaign Period: From Jan 24th, 2020 (Fri) to Feb 29th, 2020 (Sat)

How to Apply

Follow our official Instagram account @chitose_hokkaido

Take a picture at the festival venue or of the Lake Shikotsu spa resort area.

Post your picture with the hashtag

Please set your account to public. If your account is set to private, you will not eligible for the lottery because we cannot see your account.
* We will send a message to the person who will win a free gift via Instagram Direct.

Download Instagram, HERE!
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* Assorted set of special products from Chitose is worth 3,000 JPY.
* Image is for illustration purposes. This gift may be changed.


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Terms of Use

Notes on posting

* Although posting is possible for any number of points by one person, please be aware that posts outside of the application period will be excluded.
* If you submit the next picture, your application will be invalid, so please be careful.
· In case of contrary to public order and morals
· In case of content that violates laws
· When copyright or portrait rights are violated
· In case of content that interferes with the city's activities
· If it is not posted with the specified hashtag "#LakeShikotsuIceFestival2020"
· When you are not following 'chitose_hokkaido' * For the reasons above, if the posted photo is not suitable for the contest, we may delete it from this contest page.
* If your Instagram account is set to private, it will not be reflected on this contest page and will not be subject to lottery.
* Internet expenses and packet communication expenses involved in the application will be borne by those who apply.
* In the event of infringement of the rights of third parties such as portrait right in the submission, we assume no responsibility. User is responsible for your own use, please use this site and post your work. In case the city or a third party receives a complaint or the like due to the work of the user, the user may be required to pay the expenses required for solving the complaint etc.
* When using Instagram, please comply with the terms of Instagram besides these Terms of Use.

About winner announcement

After the application period, we will contact the winners in charge of product shipment by Instagram's direct message from the person in charge.
* If you do not follow 'chitose_hokkaido', we will not be able to contact you, so be sure to follow us.
* Posts attached with "#LakeShikotsuIceFestival2020" are subject to the terms of use, and there is a possibility of using it on the website of Chitose city and SNS.
* Please acknowledge that this project may be changed / canceled without notice.

About the handling of personal information

Our city will properly manage personal information of users acquired on this site according to laws and regulations. The city will not provide personal information acquired on this site to third parties other than outsourcing parties. In addition, we will not use the personal information we have deposited for the purpose other than the implementation of this project and the operation of this site.
For details, please see "Privacy policy" on our website.


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